Anxiety BGone, by YuckBGone

$ 6.00

AnxietyBGone is a natural product that is used to ease Anxiety. It will not give you a high or a weird feeling when you use it. You will realize later in the day that you were pretty calm. It’s easy to use, spray 2 Spritz on your wrist and rub together no more than every 2 hours. 

15Ml spray

Ingredients: Water, Valerian Root Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil

It’s recommended because the natural supplement to not be used on kids under 18, pregnant or nursing women.


Anxiety isn't just having a hard time catching your breath. Anxiety is waking up at 3 a.m. from a dead sleep because your heart is racing. Anxiety is breaking out in a rash for no reason. Anxiety is stressing over things that may or my not be real. Anxiety is questioning your faith. Anxiety is calling your sister 3 hours before she gets up for work, in hopes she'll answer so you can get your mind off the attack. Anxiety is a 2 a.m. shower. Anxiety is your mood changing in a matter of minutes.

Just because you're bothered by something others aren't, it doesn't make you crazy or worthless. Some of the most successful people in life have anxiety. This is not your fault. This is not the end. You are strong ~ You are intelligent ~ You are brave ~ You are worthy ~ Your feelings matter! 

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